We have recently become aware of and have seen a few cases of respiratory infections in dogs that appear to be affected by an unidentified virus. For most dogs, it does not progress to severe respiratory illness. However, symptoms seem to be lingering for much longer than most respiratory viruses. Some cases have lasted for two months or more. In some cases, it has not demonstrated a significant response to antibiotic therapy.

At this time our recommendation is if your dog is having respiratory symptoms that are mild including: still eating, drinking, and overall normal behavior; it is best to monitor for changes at home.

If your dog is exhibiting difficulty breathing, continual coughing, fever, and not eating we recommend an exam at that time.

To ensure we keep our clinic a safe environment, we ask that owners with dogs exhibiting respiratory signs call when you arrive and do not enter the building. After arrival, you will then be given directions to our isolation unit for exam and treatments. This is to protect the rest of our patients from a potential contagious disease. We thank all of our clients for being understanding and cooperative during this time.

Our doctors will continue to monitor for updates, and we will notify if any change in information.